London Eats: Mildreds

I can tell you’re in your own personal heaven Em from the photos in your last post !

The food looks amazing in Bali (as does everything else!) Although I wish I were there too, I’m very happy to be home in London for awhile. We may not have the beaches, sea or climate, but we definitely have some hella good restaurants. (We’re also currently enjoying some great weather as well, so there’s no complaint from me, that’s for sure.)

Yesterday we stopped off at Mildreds after recommendation and we were not disappointed. Although I’m not exclusively vegetarian, I take preference to it and Mildreds is every vegetarian’s dream (and vegan’s for a large amount of the menu). With every option packed full of flavour and colour you’re not short of choice. I know you’d love it here! (We’re going once you’re in the UK, just FYI gal.) I’d recommend it for anyone that finds themselves in Soho, Camden or Kings Cross (their three locations) as it offers a lot more than just a ‘non-meat’ meal.

Oh! We know I would fail spectacularly using it (as cooking is not my forte), but they also have their own book (Mildreds: The Cookbook). I’ve been told it’s fantastic though – so if you’re curious give it a look.

Annnnnd I’m now off to make substandard dinner that does not even compare to last nights.

Ellie xo


Bali Breakfast Eats: Crate Cafe

Hiya, I’m finally back in Bali and already feel at home. The next four months are going to be amazing. But first: oh my god. I am in breakfast heaven here! I’m telling you, Crate Cafe (and all the Canggu  cafes to be fair) is freakin breakfast and brunch heaven. You’d love it. The breakfast bowls, the eggs, the french toast, the juices and oh the coffee. It is out of this world. If you go definitely try “The Melville”, “The Barber” or the chia pudding “Smack Ass”. Paired with an iced long black and a fresh juice and you’ve got yourself one helluva brekkie. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

And with that I’m gonna head off to uhm.. eat some more🙈 I’ll be back soon with more Bali posts and food recommendations. In the meantime, you can keep up with my adventures on Instagram @wearechasingcultures or @emiliegarness. Speak soon!

Emilie x

Stunning Rome on old school film

Hi everyone, long time no speak! I’m currently in a “just keep working” mode where I know I only have a couple of weeks left before I leave for Indonesia. Amidst all the planning, booking, packing and long hours at work I haven’t prioritised the blog one bit. I know Ellie is swamped with uni assignments at the moment so CC hasn’t really been on her radar either. Whoops! Anyway, I intend to drown you all in a flood of amazing pictures from Indo once I get down there. I apologise in advance for the jealousy I may cause. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a few shots I got developed from my trip to Rome back in September.

fullsizeoutput_1e05fullsizeoutput_1dea img_0150 fullsizeoutput_1dc5 fullsizeoutput_1dd5 fullsizeoutput_1dc0 fullsizeoutput_1dcfI’ll be honest and say that I didn’t love Rome, at least not nearly as much as Florence. It was just a bit too touristy for my liking and my expectations might have been a bit too high. Me for example, I was over excited for the food, which ended up just being ok most of the time. This might have just been us not hitting up the right spots though. Nonetheless we had a good time and did find a few good places in the end. And despite the tourist overload I can’t deny that Rome is a stunning city, with some incredible architecture.

Speak soon, with travel content overload!

Emilie x

Super easy power smoothies

img_0744img_0742 img_0743img_0741
Smoothies might be my favourite thing to drink after water and coffee, so of course I have to share some of my go-to recipes with you guys. I’ve shared my favourite smoothie bowl recipe before, but can you ever get enough of smoothies? I think not. Today I’ve decided to share my healthy green smoothie for days where you want an energising refresher, as well as a sweeter, berry version to satisfy sweet cravings. They’re both very straight forward and easy to adjust depending on what you have in your fridge/freezer.

you-will-needThe Green One
a couple handfuls of spinach or kale
1/2 an avocado
a handful of mango and/or pineapple
a chunk of ginger (1-2cm roughly)
juice from 1/2 lime
water or coconut water

The Berry One
1 banana
2 handfuls of mixed berries
1 handful of mango/pineapple/orange
coconut milk (roughly 200ml)
water or almond milk

With both of the smoothies, you just put everything in your blender and blend until smooth. The reason why I add coconut milk and water/almond milk for the berry smoothie is because the coconut milk tends to be a bit to thick. I normally use frozen fruit and berries but if you don’t have any you can easily go fresh. I would however add some ice cubes to the mix if none of your ingredients are frozen as the smoothies taste best cold. I often add some chia seeds or protein powder to my smoothies if I want them to be more filling, but the fats in the avocado and coconut milk do a good job of that already.

These might be super boring to some of you but I have people ask me how I make my smoothies all the time, so figured I might as well share a few on here. Let me know if you try them or if you have anything you like to add to yours!  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook (@wearechasingcultures) for instant updates on new posts.

Emilie x

Favourite Milan Spots and shots

img_5227 img_5320 img_5317 img_5191 img_5245img_5372-copyimg_5383

We’re back with another Milan post! Don’t hate us haha, it will probably be the last one. Besides we felt we had to share some of our favourite spots (and shots) with you guys.

For all our fashionistas, 10 Corso Como  is a must. The place was created as a living magazine and stocks a wide selection of the worlds best designers all in one place. Carefully selected items makes this a popular spot for fashion editors and high end shopaholics. Or like us, people who love a good browse for inspiration. It is surrounded by a highly instagrammable garden full of green plants and black metal details, so even if fashion isn’t your thing, you should stop by to take in the serenity.

Despite being the main tourist traps  of Milan you have to check out the Duomo and Galleria Vittorio de Emanuele II. They’re right next to each other so you can kill two birds with one stone and do them in one afternoon. In the same “square” there is also Museo de Novecento which gives a great view of the duomo as well as a good dose of culture.  After being cultured for the day head to Dry  for a seriously good pizza.

Like we said before, we stayed in an AirBnB in the area Isola which is located in the northern part of Milan. Isola ended up being one of our favourite areas with cafes like Type, MoMo and DeusCafe. The incredible gelato and waffle place Le Botteghe di Leonardo, was our go-to for a late night treat.

That’s it for now. Ciao Bellas, hope you’ve enjoyed these Milan posts!
Let us know if there is anything in particular you would like to see on there in the coming posts.

Ellie & Emilie x