3 Best Cayman Island Day Trips

When you travel to The Cayman Islands, you’ll have some pretty unique opportunities to check off some crazy, bucket list items. I have travelled here twice with my family, and found the locals to be super friendly, the islands to be wicked safe, and the whole experience to be extraordinary. Here are three very unique day trips we did while soaking up the sun in the beautiful Cayman Islands!

  1. Swim With Wild Stingrays
Being shown the stingers on the stingrays.

This was an amazing experience because of the history behind these stingrays. Back in the 1970’s, fishermen used to gut their daily catch of fish on their boats, near the shallow waters surrounding the island. This was because the mosquitos would surround them when they would gut the fish on land. So, the stingrays followed the scent of the dead fish to get the scraps and….. then they just started gathering here! Now these sandbars located in The North Sound of the islands is called Stingray City. One sandbar is deep, where you can scuba dive with these beautiful creatures, and another is shallow where you can stand and snorkel. You choose what’s right for you!

These stingrays are super unique because they still have their stingers intact. Because they are so used to people, they do not have to have their stingers removed whereas most other places will. But here, no way! Have your fun swimming with 100% real wild stingrays, and enjoy feeding them too!

Here is the name of the excursion we used: Red Sail Sports: www.redsailcayman.com/daytime-sail-west#category/674

2. Sunset Horseback Riding

Sunset horseback riding.

If you’re looking for the best Instagram pictures and amazing memories – This Cayman adventure was DREAMY. We were able to pick our horses and were given a quick review of what we were going to do. After this, we hopped on and cantered away from the stables for about 20 minutes. Then our guide brought us into the deep turquoise water and we swam with the horses! Swimming on horses at sunset on a tropical island is as incredible as it sounds. Eventually we made it back to the barn, and now have an amazing family memory.

If you love adventure or are a horse girl like me, this is DEFINITELY for you. We went with a company called Pampered Ponies, but there are others as well like Coral Stone Stables and Cayman Horse Riding.

3. Reef Snorkeling

Snorkeling alongside the reef.

Have you ever wanted to swim with a shark? Well, this is the perfect opportunity! Reef sharks are super prominent in The Cayman Islands, and we were able to swim with about 20 of them. But don’t worry, they aren’t dangerous and normally won’t attack. We also swam with barracudas and a large variety of smaller fish.

I can tell you this – diving down into the bright blue water and swimming along the sides of this lively reef is a feeling like no other. It is like you enter a whole other world full of colors brighter than you could have imagined.

We went with Red Sail Sports, but there are many other companies likes Explore Cayman and Cayman Turtle Divers.

Caribbean waters with a storm approaching.

So if you’re anything like me, you know you love adventure. On The Cayman Islands, there always seems to be a new adventure to be had, and with how safe the islands are, you won’t have to take extra precautions you may take in other areas of the world. Rich with culture, history and the best day trips, you are bound to have an amazing vacation. So, what are you waiting for! Now all you have to do is pack a bag, buy a ticket, jump on the plane and head straight to your new favorite tropical destination – The Cayman Islands.

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