All About Mindset: Alissa Hulshof (Interview)

A few years ago, Alissa Hulshof was a 2018 college grad, unsure of what career path she truly wanted to pursue. Fast forward to 2020, and she has started her own business and strives to help other entrepreneurs have a solid mindset towards their passions.

Hulshof always knew what she loved: travel, fitness, animals, and nature. But, she still hadn’t figured out how to get these wrapped up into a career. Once she graduated college in 2018 with a degree in Social Work, she decided not to take the typical path of getting a 9-5 job. Rather, she chose to travel the world and wound up visiting over 25 countries!

Hulshof in Malaysia – 2019.

During her travels, Hulshof realized she did not want to lead your typical life. Like many people, she longed to continue travel and maintain her freedom that she had in her post graduate life. This is what brought on the thought of starting her own personal development business – she loves helping people and wanted to contribute to others leading a similar lifestyle to hers.

To make her dream a reality, she decided to work with a few different successful digital nomads, who would eventually become her mentors. She got involved with The Mastermind community as well, which is a peer to peer mentoring group where members are able to help each other solve problems by the help of the group’s input. By doing this, Hulshof could network and meet likeminded individuals who had also been (or currently were) in similar shoes as her.

Along with networking, Hulshof was able to learn a lot about affiliate marketing through Mastermind, which truly made her career take off. By using affiliate marketing, she was then able to earn a commission by promoting other individual’s services. For each sale she makes, she earns a commission from the company she is promoting. She affiliates with some of the world’s best – Tai Lopez and Tony Robbins. But – Hulshof made clear that she does not promote anything just to promote; she will only promote others services if she feels she is unable to help one of her clients in a specific area.

Over the past few years Hulshof has spent over €15,000 on her educational mentorships. By doing so, she feels she is able to provide the best services to her clients, and is able to guide them in the right direction for their business endeavors. She felt she had to spend this amount of money because of her lack of business knowledge. When she was studying Social Work, she never learned anything about how to run her own business. To learn the ropes of this, she hired many mentors and worked closely with Mastermind.

Now, you may be wondering what Hulshof’s specific area of expertise is, right? Here is your answer: to help empower entrepreneurial women overcome their inner challenges. With her clients, she focuses on three key areas which are beliefs, habits and empowerment. By working on these points, Hulshof told me that she “can really connect with the individual person, not just sell them a product”. The most important thing to Hulshof is that she makes true connections with people, not just business connections. This way, it isn’t much like a job to her at all – but more of a career she loves.

Hulshof speaking at a Mastermind meeting in Amsterdam.

In October of 2020, Hulshof finally created her own legal business at the age of 25. Based out of The Netherlands, she is able to incorporate many aspects from her previous endeavor of affiliate marketing, but this time with her own programs included. Her first program will officially launch in January of 2021. This self-designed 12 week program for entrepreneurs only accepts five motivated individuals every three months. This way, she is able to completely focus on the participants and give them the majority of her attention and time. The program currently costs €1,900, which is equivalent to $2,300. And if she feels she cannot help someone, she will refer them to another program (which she will also make money off of!). Please note that her prices vary and can change over time. Hulshof offers other coaching programs which can be catered to each individual’s needs, as well. “Your mind equals what your business is going to be”, she stated. Whatever you love is what your business should be – you shouldn’t be doing something just to create an income.

For clientele, Hulshof finds most off of three large social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. She believes that you do not need a website to succeed – but of course it is nice to have one. “It’s not about numbers to create good income, it is more about the quality of the connections you make”. Hulshof believes that you do not need a mass amount of followers to grow a business – you just need supporters who are going to participate. She also only accepts affiliate programs that will give her a profit of at least €1,500. This way, she can make enough money to sustain her lifestyle and not have to promote products or services she cannot get behind. With this, she is also able to maintain her fully remote line of work, and is able to travel whenever she wants – as long as she has internet.

On Horseback: Blue Duck Station, New Zealand 2019.

In regard to the future, Hulshof has big plans. Between her recent website launch and and networking internationally, she also strives to grow her team. She hopes to hire more coaches in the future and possibly hire someone to help with her online brand development. Hulshof has no set location plan – but she does dream of having her home base in Sweden one day.

As many of us can probably relate, Hulshof spoke clearly to the struggle she had about figuring out what she was truly passionate about. She always knew her main motivation was to help others, but she didn’t know to what capacity. She took a risk and invested a lot of her time and money so she could network and learn; And now she finally can say she has found a career she is fully passionate about.

If you want to learn more about Alissa Hulshof to see how her company can help you or your business grow, you can go to the following links:





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