3 Easy Social Media Hacks: Hitomi Oshiro (Interview)

Social media has become one of the most important aspects of our lives. Integrating it into our businesses is one easy and instant way to receive attention and potential revenue. This week, I spoke with Hitomi Oshiro, a social media queen who is able to work the ins and outs of varying platforms. Want to make your social media smarter and more successful than ever before? Listen to her journey of how she changed the course of many people’s internet platforms.

Oshiro grew up in Peru, where she was able to learn four languages fluently. After attending university for a year, she decided she wanted to take a different path. So, she moved to Japan where some of her family is located. In 2018, she began teaching others the power of language by becoming a Language Coach. She is able to teach Spanish, English, Japanese and Portuguese all fluently. But as a coach, she doesn’t only teach different languages – she focuses a lot on the cultures these languages typically embody. By doing so, she is able to empower and help her students build more confidence around the new language they are learning (and it also adds a more interesting element!). In turn, this keeps her students interested in learning more and allows them to grow into a new culture.

Once Oshiro realized how much she had to offer her students, she decided it was time to start her own company. With her passion for spirituality, mindset and helping others, she finally understood what career path would be a good choice.

Finally in 2020, Oshiro officially opened her own legal business in Japan. She has launched multiple programs that are specifically catered to each individual. One program has a duration of three months and the other is six months. They are both priced the same – $2,000. The difference is the intensity of the programs; the three month is best suited for individuals who need stronger guidance, along with constant reassurance and attention. The six month has the same amount of contact, but over twice the amount of time. The individuals participating in the six month program should be fairly self motivated and driven to make improvements on their own. Whatever category you fall into, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll have proper guidance from Oshiro.

Oshiro shared with me some of her favorite tips for creating a stronger, more networked social media platform:

  1. Download The Canva App. This will be super helpful in making specifically your Instagram page much more interesting. By creating posters, quotes, colorful borders and other designs on your photos, this will help grow your Instagram page to a new level. And, it is FREE!
  2. Choose Three Primary Colors: Keep these colors the same across all platforms. This way, you will have a specific flow to your social media page and be able to keep the same vibe for all social accounts.
  3. Use Instagram Reels: These are 15 to 30 second video clips that you can put to music. You can place these on either your Story, or The Reels tab on your page. Reels are super important as a social media marketing tool because of where they are located on Instagram. Now, they are located front and center on your page, making it easy access for many viewers to see your content, and discover new content as well.
Reels are located in the bottom center of the Instagram home page.

Oshiro suggested that anyone looking to grow their business should do the 14 day challenge: post on your social media accounts for 14 days consecutively, using the three rules above. By doing this, she strongly believes you will increase your social media network and reach more individuals that would be worth connecting with. “I feel there is a real lack of connection on the internet” Oshiro mentioned. It is so important to connect with likeminded individuals – this way you will gain a following that supports you and your endeavors.

For her future, Oshiro hopes to go to an English speaking country so she can truly practice the fourth language she learned. She also wants to grow her social media platform so she can have a larger public voice. With her knowledge of social media and education, Oshiro hopes to reach a wider audience and help other young entrepreneurs grow their online marketing, alongside their confidence in doing so.

For more information on Oshiro and the courses she offers, you can visit the following links:

Website: hitomioshiro.com

Instagram: @hitomi_oshiro

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