Puerto Rico’s Best View: Cueva Ventana

For every trip I take, I always make sure to visit places with stunning natural views. For our Puerto Rican Road Trip, I made sure to add a few great views to our five day adventure. And these views did not disappoint- with the best one being Cueva Ventana, translated to Window Cave.

Silhouette photo in front of the view.

Located in Arecibo, seeing this view will require you to wear a hard hat, venture through two different caves, and hike a short distance. But if you’re an adventurer, this is for sure something that you have to visit when coming to Puerto Rico.

You can’t just walk to this cave on your own – you have to pay a tour company called Aventura Cueva Ventana to take you to see the stunning view. This is because some of the plants and animals you will spot along the way are nearing extinction. This tour company is part of The Puerto Rico Ecotourism group which follows a multitude of guidelines to make your tour the most Earth-friendly it can be.

You’re going to want to reserve your spot by purchasing a ticket for $19.00 online. Before you go, make sure you put on closed toed shoes (preferably sneakers), because the rocks are slippery and wet. You’ll also want to bring a backpack with water, along with a camera (obviously) for the amazing view. Arrive to the tour 30 minutes early, and check in at the front desk to sign your waiver and le them know if you’re English or Spanish speaking. Now just wait for your tour to begin!

Map of Cueva Ventana; Map drawn by Patricia Kambesis and Michael Lace (Copyright Jaime R. Pagán-Jiménez)

You’ll start the tour by hiking down a rocky trail through the Puerto Rican wilderness. Eventually, you will come upon a huge cave, essentially out of no where. Walking over a wet rocky ground and into the cave, you’ll begin to see stalagmites and a seemingly never-ending darkness. On the walls, you will see authentic Taíno petroglyphs which have been well preserved for many centuries. These symbols represent gods, animals, elements of nature and humans.

After explaining the petroglyphs, your guide will show you up a set of slippery rock steps, until you come out of the Earth and into the light. But you’re only here for a minute before you head back towards the center of the Earth and into another Cave.

The second cave is much deeper and way longer than the first. This one leads you farther and farther in until your tour guide will stop you in the darkness. With only the illumination from the flashlights, your group will be instructed to turn them all off so you truly can appreciate the darkness. I can definitely say this was the darkest place I have ever been in.

Eventually, your guide will turn on a red light and tell you to look up. With this red light shining towards the ceiling, you’ll see what seems to be thousands of bats.

Our guide showing us the bats (black dots on the ceiling).

These bats are part of an endangered species, so the guide will instruct you to be very mindful of them. Do not shine your light directly at them, and only he can shine the red light towards them.

After this, you can turn on your lights and continue the trek towards the window of the cave – which is most of the reason you paid for this tour anyways! You and your group will have to squeeze through some tightly placed rocks and walk a bit deeper into the cave, until eventually you will begin to see light in the distance.

Approaching the view.

Opening up to a gorgeous view, this cave atop of a limestone cliff does not disappoint! You will see the stunning valley of Rio Grande de Arecibo – mountains, a river and fields that all represent Puerto Rico so well. And on a day with a good view, you may be lucky enough to see the highest point in Puerto Rico, Cerro Punta Peak located in Jayuya.

Cueva Ventana – overlooking The Valley of Rio Grande de Arecibo.

You and your group will take time to get as many great photos of this beautiful spot as you can. Your guide will likely tell you where the best shots are taken from, and even offer to take some pictures of you and your friends. Take this time to soak in the view and appreciate the natural beauty Puerto Rico has to offer.

Helpful Information

Tour Times: Open Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00AM TO 4:00PM

Tour Schedule: 10:00am, 11:00pm, 12:00pm, 1:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:00pm

  • Purchase tickets ahead of time here
  • Address: PR 10 Km. 75 , Hato Viejo , Arecibo, Puerto Rico 00612
  • Located next to Puma Gas Station, a small driveway will lead you up a hill to The Cueva Ventana parking lot.
  • Arrive 30 minutes before tour time
  • Wear sneakers as rocks are slippery
  • Bring a water bottle and backpack
  • Bring a camera to capture the stunning views
  • No child under 3 years is permitted in the caves
  • Track your hike with the AllTrails Map
  • For more information, check out the Cueva Ventana Website

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