About Us

Matt & Meg

Twenty – Somethings With a Dream to Travel

We are two motivated young professionals who have decided not to continue on the typical 9-5 journey. Currently, Matt is an Engineer and Meg is an Operations Manager. But, our goal really is to live a more simple life, with less things and more experiences. To see the world and the multitude of cultures it offers is something we are striving to do in order to grow into the best individuals we can be.

To reach these goals, we have decided to make a two year plan, consisting of budgeting weekly groceries, renting the bottom half of our house and then renovating to sell for profit. We both currently work your typical 40 hour a week jobs, but Meg also works at an emergency room per diem and housesits for families and farms.

Our History

In 2015 we began dating and never would have thought about full time travel. Every summer, we would take a vacation to a new location in The United States – Acadia National Park, Provincetown MA and Nashville TN, to name a few. We would always come back wishing our trips were longer and filled with more local culture and cuisine. We just couldn’t get enough!

Fast forward to 2020, we finally made a plan. In October of 2020, we bought a house as a renovation in order to make more money for our trip. With all this in mind, we have a goal to save up $35,000 to jump start our trip. We are unsure of what we will do exactly when we are on the road and need to make money.

Goals for Our Trip
  • Run a half marathon in every country
  • Back country bike tours

  • Stay with local families
  • Humanitarian work with local communities
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