Bridging East to West: Abridge Academy (Interview)

Teaching English in a foreign country is a great way to help others and learn about their culture. Katie Prescott fell in love with teaching English in Asia, and has wound up owning her own business because of it. Here she shares her accomplishments and varying programs that are suitable for a wide array of individuals looking to get involved in teaching English – from home or abroad.

An Ever-Growing Endeavor: Brimfield Winery (Interview)

One winery you need to visit ASAP: The Brimfield Winery. Located in Central Massachusetts, this winery acts as a community center for a surrounding towns and for Antique Show participants. Learn about their marketing strategy, business model and future plans for this ever-growing endeavor.

3 Easy Social Media Hacks: Hitomi Oshiro (Interview)

Social media is essential for any individual or business looking to grow. By utilizing these free platforms, you can gain more than just followers. Read on about why these three social media hacks are bound to change your platforms – for the better.

All About Mindset: Alissa Hulshof (Interview)

The Mastermind Community is a game changer for many digital nomads. Alissa Hulshof shares with us how she was able to grow as a digital nomad and begin her own business from scratch, with the support of mentors, Mastermind and a bit of investing.

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